Link Building

Why Are Links Important?

Now for some of you, when you hear “link” you immediately recall “Linc.” Linc was important as he was often the go-between for his two sidekicks. This is the same mechanism for internet links – they are the go-between for you and another website.

Linc vs link


A link is essentially hypertext that allows a visitor to easily click and be transported to another site.

Links are valuable resource that allows people visiting other sites to find your site. People could be on a search engine page like Google, Yahoo or Bing and find your web site via a natural search. People could be on a web site about a specific topic and that web site offers additional links and resources to other similare sites, such as yours.

This interconnectivity is what makes the “web.” People visit pages, that lead to other pages via links. Search engine spiders that index all web sites, see these links and follow the links to other pages and then index those pages as well.

The search engine algorithm for ranking your web site incorporate the number and quality of links to your site as a key element of how they rank search results for a given term. If many sites link to you, then the search engine algorithms will determine you have higher relevancy than other sites.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a critical component of search engine optimization (SEO). It is hard to get links to a web site. Link building is the process of gaining inbound links from quality sites that are relevant to your web site. Quality sites are those that rank high on search engines and/or have recognized Google PageRank.

Link Building is an active program whereby your SEO efforts attempt to increase the number of inbound links to your web site typically with the goal to rank higher in the search engine rankings for specific keywords.

The search engines determine that if many sites have the hyperlink anchor text “link building” and it goes to your site, then your site must be about “link building.” The more “link building” links you have to your site, the higher your site will rank for the term “link building.”

Link Building Strategies

There are many link building companies that specialize in only creating inbound links to a website. They accomplish this many ways, under various link related names, including:

Link Exchanges: Reciprocal Linking, 3-Way Links
Link Buying: Rented Links, Contextual Rented Links, Permanent Link Buying
Web Site Linking: Directory Links, Hosted Marketing Pages, Press Release Links, Forum Links, Authority Silos, Blog Post Links
Article Marketing Links: eZine Links, Article Links
Social Networkings Links: Link Bait, Viral Content Linking, Twitter Linking

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